Fusion Supergirl Kids Rash Guard Short Sleeve

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Not to be outdone by her cousin Superman, Kara Zor-El ALSO survived the destruction of her home world of Krypton, and managed to make it all the way to Earth where she was able to showcase her awesome powers!

This officially licensed DC Superhero Girls Supergirl rashguard was designed to keep you safe outdoors, on the mats, and even from Kryptonite should you run into any!

It’s also great for preventing any nicks and scrapes, or bacterial infections that can be picked up from martial arts training.

The material is made of a super stretchy 88% polyester/ 12% spandex mix, which feels smooth to the touch, is ultra-comfortable, and makes you slippery as a baby seal. It is rated UPF 50+, which means that it will block out most of the sun’s harmful Ultra Violet rays.

Other benefits include moisture wicking technology (keeps the sweat from your body), and protection from rashes and bacteria, in the water, or on the mats.

Care Instructions

Hang Dry Only. Sticking your garment in the dryer will cause it to pill Wash inside out (this will help to reduce pilling) Wash in cold Use Mild detergent Wash Separately-(specifically from anything with Velcro and sharp edges) Use a delicates bag if you have one. This will help to reduce pilling Do Not Iron Do Not touch velcro! This is like feeding Gremlins after midnight, and is not recommended!

Please allow up to 3 days for shipment